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5/16 oz. floating jerkbait that dives 1-3 ft. The Werkbait battles and darts side-to-side when twitched with the rod tip. Suspends at depth and rises slowly to attract powerful reaction strikes. The perfect finesse profile for fishing over shallow vegetation, or targeting pressured, finicky fish. The carved bill provides unique action when twitched slowly on slack line, or ripped erratically at high speed. Featuring eye-popping colors and premium Mustad KVD Elite Short Triple Grip Hooks for second-to-none hook penetration. And the signature "M" that lets fish know just who they are dealing with


  • Excellent bait for shallow, rocky flats. The Werkbait can be retrieved quickly and erratically, or slowly twitched for less aggressive fish
  • Great choice for pressured fish, or cold-water bites
  • Twitch over grass beds with rod tip low
  • Move the bait with slack in your line to achieve the bait’s irresistible action
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