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Strike King

Thunder Cricket

Thunder Cricket

Bladed swim jigs belong in every bass angler's arsenal! The Thunder Cricket was designed by Kevin VanDam, Greg Hackney, and Andy Montgomery and has changed the game for vibrating jigs. The Thunder Cricket features the jungle style flipping hook and an ultra-thin, ultra-stiff stainless steel blade with Strike King®’s new Panther Hide Paint finish. Its innovative design provides maximum swimming action, flash, and thump, with a superior hookup ratio. Fished fast or slow, up high or down deep, the Strike King Thunder Cricket Swimming Jig is sure to become your go-to swimmer when conditions are right.


  • KEY SPECS: Finally, a Thunder Cricket bladed jig with a gold-plated blade for added visibility in stained water or low-light conditions. Like the original Thunder Cricket, the gold-plated model maintains an exceptional fish-attracting vibration whether burned at a high rate or slowly crawled along the bottom near structure
  • SUPERIOR ACTION: Strike King’s Gold-Plated Thunder Cricket features a hand-tied skirt that wiggles and dances like no other. Paired with the tight-vibration of the blade, the skirt imparts an action that is hard for fish to ignore, resulting in strong reaction strikes
  • VERSATILITY ON THE WATER: The Gold-Plated Thunder Cricket is an exceptional choice around brush and vegetation. Its thin profile allows it to swim through standing grass well, and the pump of the blade is powerful enough to lure feeding fish out of cover to strike. It can be burned at a fast rate to cover shallow water quickly or can be “slow-rolled” near deeper rock and brush piles, attracting fish as it flutters down
  • READY FOR YOUR FAVORITE TRAILER: the exceptional trailer keeper of Strike King’s Gold-Plated Thunder Cricket holds soft-plastics like no other, keeping your trailer firmly in place through brutal strikes, hard-fighting fish and hours upon hours of casts. Gone are the days of missing a hookset or ruining the perfect cast because a plastic trailer has slipped down the hook shank
  • Strike King is pleased to offer the Gold-Plated Thunder Cricket in 14 vivid colors to mimic the natural forage of your favorite fish. It is available for 3/8, 1/2, 5/8 and 3/4 ounce sizes for maximum versatility, finding fish in both shallow and deep environments
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