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The Boss Grub

The Boss Grub

Designed by Bassmaster Classic® winner Skeet Reese, the Berkley® PowerBait® The Boss Grub features a classic finnesse grub body with proven Pit Boss style fast action twin tails. The chunkier profile is ideal as a Bladed Jig Trailer, on a Jig Head, Swim Jig, Swing Head or Texas Rigged.


  • Pro-designed by Bassmaster Classic® Champion Skeet Reese
  • Enticing finesse profile of a grub with the proven fast action of the Pit Boss style legs for maximum water disturbance in a chunkier profile
  • Thick body adds durability for rough applications and rigging
  • Excellent Bladed Jig Trailer on a Jig Head, Swing Head, or Texas Rigged
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