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Spraying' Shad Floating

Spraying' Shad Floating

The unique open gill design of the 1/4 oz. Sprayin’ Shad allows water to pass through the body of the lure, producing an unbelievable spray and bubble trail. Twitch slowly with a low rod tip, and watch it spray like no other popper. Works great in ponds, lakes and everywhere in between. Featuring eye-popping colors and Mustad KVD Elite Short Triple Grip Hooks for second-to-none hook penetration. And the signature "M" that lets fish know just who they are dealing with


  • Stop-and-go with an erratic pattern to elicit explosive strikes
  • Exceptional around shallow cover, docks, and weedlines
  • Twitch and pause with rod tip low
  • The Sprayin' Shad is ideal when fish are actively feeding near the surface and can be slowed to target less aggressive fish
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