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Slack Jaw

Slack Jaw

1/2 oz. lipless crankbait with multiple line ties to vary the retrieval depth — use the forward tie for greater depth and the back tie for targeting shallow fish. Featuring a unique bill design and rattle chamber to emit a strong vibration. The Slackjaw moves like no other lipless crankbait. Featuring eye-popping colors and Mustad KVD Elite Short Triple Grip Hooks for second-to-none hook penetration. And the signature "M" that lets fish know just who they are dealing with


  • Exceptionally versatile. Excels in cooler water, but catches fish year-round
  • Try swimming the Slackjaw through vegetation and ripping out of the grass to elicit powerful reaction strikes
  • Ideal for slowly bouncing off rock when fish are holding in deeper water
  • Switch line ties for varying action and retrieval depths
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