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Strike King

Rattlin' Rage Craw

Rattlin' Rage Craw

By far the undefeated champion of crawfish baits in the water, Strike King’s new soft plastic Rattlin’ Rage Craw is a slender, 4” crawfish imitator, pre-rigged with a glass sound chamber imbedded in the tail to emit a powerful rattle and attract fish. This noisy little beast refuses to be ignored. Designed with two Rage Flange pincers that wiggle and swim, imparting a life-like, natural action. Offered in 12 colors. It can be fished as a jig trailer, Texas rigged, or fished on a jig head like the Strike King Mark Davis Jointed Structure Head or the Strike King Tour Grade Football Jig Head


  • ALL-NEW FEATURE ON A BASS FAVORITE: The Rattlin’ Rage Craw includes a glass rattle chamber hidden in the tail of the lure that emits the powerful, unmistakable sound of scurrying prey, yet does not impact the natural, life-like action of the craw or impede a solid hookset
  • TOP-NOTCH VERSATILITY: The Strike King Rattlin’ Rage Craw is an exceptionally effective lure when targeting fish that feed on crawfish or other bottom-dwelling forage. It is one of the most versatile and popular designs of the Rage Tail series. The Rattlin’ Rage Craw is ideal for Texas rigging or rigged on a jighead, but can be fished in a variety of methods
  • PERFECT SWIMMING ACTION: Each Strike King Rattlin’ Rage Craw is pre-rigged with a narrow hook cavity that allows the angler to easily hook the body of the lure in a straight, natural manner, allowing for a more realistic swimming action and powerful, effective hooksets
  • USE IN ALL CONDITIONS: Strike King offers the Rattlin’ Rage Craw with a 4” body and in 12 enticing colors that mimic natural prey. Fish natural lifelike colors when fishing clear water, and choose darker colors for fishing low light conditions or in stained water
  • ENTICING RATTLE: Due to the noise and commotion of the Strike King Rattlin’ Rage Craw, it is an ideal bait when targeting fish in stained water, in low light conditions, or in dense vegetation. It may look like a crawfish, but it sounds like a rattle snake
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