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1/2 oz. floating bait with a tail that rotates freely and buzzes for exceptional topwater action. Featuring a sound chamber for additional casting distance and an extra-enticing rattle when twitched along the surface. The MACH® Patroller 90 has a unique action and disturbance to draw fish out of hiding. This topwater propeller bait is ideal for casting along docks, stumps, timber, and over shallow vegetation. By changing retrieval speed, anglers can adjust the amount of disturbance it creates. Featuring eye-popping colors and Mustad KVD Elite Short Triple Grip Hooks for second-to-none hook penetration. And the signature "M" that lets fish know just who they are dealing with


  • An Excellent bait to simply cast-and-retrieve
  • Ideal for covering water quickly or targeting isolated cover
  • Varying the retrieval speed allows the angler to adjust the amount of disturbance the Patroller emits
  • Maintains an exceptional action for pulling fish out of timber, shallow vegetation, or from under docks
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