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Mach Bouncer Shallow Diving Crankbait

Mach Bouncer Shallow Diving Crankbait

3/8 oz. floating crankbait that excels in the 3-6 ft. range. Featuring a bill designed to deflect through brush and "bounce" off cover and a powerful sound chamber that rattles to attract feeding fish. Featuring eye-popping colors and Mustad KVD Elite Short Triple Grip Hooks for second-to-none hook penetration. And the signature "M" that lets fish know just who they are dealing with


  • Deflect the Bouncer off cover to trigger bites
  • Use a slower retrieve in cooler water and burn through cover for active, feeding fish
  • Ideal when moved at a steady pace to cover water quickly, as well as when using a stop-and-go pattern
  • Exceptional choice for targeting specific cover, like standing timber, laydowns and rock.


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