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Ever Green Load Buzz

Ever Green Load Buzz

Delivering the quality and performance that has made Evergreen Lures a staple among professional anglers, the Evergreen LB Buzzbait creates an enticing topwater commotion that attracts fish from a great distance and triggers explosive strikes.

Built with a stainless steel main shaft, an aluminum rivet, and a custom offset aluminum prop, the Evergreen LB Buzzbait aggressively churns the surface to generate maximum noise through the water, which stimulates the lateral line of bass and produces a strong reaction to feed. A hand-tied skirt made from the highest quality silicone also creates a natural flowing swimming action that will fool even the most decerning of bass. On the back end, the Evergreen LB Buzzbait is armed with a sticky sharp Japanese hook the provides lightning fast hook penetration with the slightest pressure and plenty of power to pull big fish away from cover with ease.

Offered in a wide selection of custom color combinations, the Evergreen LB Buzzbait provides Japanese-made quality and performance that will out fish all the old buzzbaits in your tackle box.

Product Description:

  • Length: 5.25"
  • Weight: 3/8oz
  • Hook Size: 4/0
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