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Outkast Tackle

Feider Fly

Feider Fly

Designed by Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Seth Feider, our hand-tied Feider Fly Marabou hair jig is downright irresistible to smallmouth bass. Hand-picked marabou guarantees that there are no veins and the plume is pure – creating a convincing plume of hair that stands up in colder water (unlike hair jigs made with synthetic materials that tend to clump).

Outkast Tackle’s Feider Fly Marabou Jig features our money jig head design, double-barbed bait keeper and a sticky sharp light wire Gamakatsu hook. The Feider Fly also has a wire keeper so you’re able to slide on plastics to give the jig both more weight for casting and buoyancy for swimming, making it our go-to hair jig that will get you bites when nothing else will!

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