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FLX-30 Pro Pack2 Lithium

FLX-30 Pro Pack2 Lithium

 Vexilar unit can only ship ground.

Welcome to the age of the FLX series! A unique brushless data transfer design system allows for the creation of a breakthrough flasher display with digital depth and Auto Ranging technology. The features found in the FLX-30 read like the wish list of avid ice anglers: digital depth, auto range, three zoom zones, five color palettes to select from for maximum visibility, five-foot depth range adjustments starting at 10 feet, a maximum range of 300, day and night display brightness settings, low power options for fishing in super shallow water, and a unique weed mode for better performance while fishing in weeds. The FLX-30 is totally revolutionary in the world of winter flasher sonar technology. Vexilar has come a long way from the early FL-8, but over the years, Vexilar has never changed their commitment to delivering the very best sonar systems in the world. Performance, quality, innovation, and reliability—welcome to the amazing FLX-30.

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